Join the planetYES MOVEMENT and integrate your MISSION.

Everyone on this planet has the possibility to be part of the planetYES MOVEMENT – the planetYES HIVE. Here planetYES collects people from all over the planet. Each cell shows one person who wants to say YES.

planetYES follows top-down and bottom-up approaches. So, tell us your contribution to a better future and let’s start local movements together. We will connect them with others and bundle them into one big GLOBAL MOVEMENT.

Do you want to work with us and join the planetYES HIVE as scientist, regional decision-maker or as someone else? Then support our movement with your filled cell and we will get in touch with you for further steps.

What further steps do we mean?

Take part in our global strategy with your local insights and solutions. Or let’s coordinate a signature campaign for the population of a region or city – if you collect signatures, we will take action.

Along with YOUR YES, we will achieve significant GLOBAL IMPACT.