The fast growing project ecosystem behind planetYES.

Since the beginning, many globally active scientists, entrepreneurs and companies from a wide variety of fields have already committed with planetYES. Our common desire: Realization and Efficacy.

Project Development

Wolfgang Lalouschek


Wolfgang is one of the truly inspiring thought leaders. His modesty and empathy make every conversation with him an enriching encounter. His enormous knowledge and even more his experience in different fields lead to the fact that we in the planetYES team go far beyond the limits of what we had previously thought. Wolfgang is popular as a physician, a scientist and as a systemic coach and he enjoys a high reputation beyond the borders of his international network.

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‭+43 699 110 72 152‬‬‬‬

Sören Bauer

knowledge management | communication

Sören is the one who listens and sees the big picture. Having lived in almost every corner on this planet nothing can actually rattle or surprise him anymore. What he is looking for – and giving at the same time – is inspiration, trustfulness and „joie the vivre". If you want to know Sören better, take him for a walk in nature. You will come home enriched.

‭+43 664 530 73 34‬‬‬

Bettina Dreiseitl-Wanschura

regional and urban strategies

Bettina is one of that smart, balanced and independent women you would like to work and be friend with. No need to be in the front row, but no worries to take immediately the lead if it is necessary. Excellent and clear presentation is based on mindful, warm and very logic thinking. As landscape architect she considers things in a comprehensive way. Her work is well founded, thought and not superficial at all. But the best is, what she does is being smart, flexible and to the point at the same time. While we are still dreaming to save the world, she will be the one who has huge influence on the realization. She grounds planetYES as the one who has a lot of experience how the transformation process works.

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+49 151 440 06 304‬

Sylvia Johanna Petz

sustainability | communication

Sylvia will always be curious. Can good wine, love and yoga make the world a better place? Yes, they can! She embraces those who inspire her and inspires others to say YES. Sylvia wants to travel the world, and she will. Her young mind will lead the way. Her desire to fight injustice is huge, and so is her desire to shape the future. For her, education is the key. Sylvia's planetYES is filled with joy, love, togetherness and good food. So be it!

+43 699 110 08 040‬‬


Harald Preyer

investor relations

Harald is a phenomenon. A strategic thinker with huge experience. At the same time, he shows great power when things have to go fast. In complex discussions he listens carefully in the background and in the end, he poses the right question – the question which focusses everyone to the important point. His economic thinking is always focused on the purpose behind. Others have networks, but Harald has friendships. And most importantly, his deep humanity and his effort to make this world a little bit better stand above all.

+43 676 723 82 67

Raphael Rigoberto Thonhauser

entrepreneurship | innovation

When Raphael is not digging into the genius of Leonardo Da Vincis contribution to the modern world, he is polishing his golden medal as European Entrepreneurship Champion. Always challenging the greatest ideas equally with top innovation managers or the little siblings of his friends, he still finds the time to train his soccer team as “best youth trainer” in his club. You will find him feed insects as “the biggest solution to the global protein shortage” to his dearest, when he is not convincing his peers that with a strong belief and a decent amount of discipline, our generation will finally make the change. With his second name Rigoberto, named after Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú Tum, he is walking in great footsteps. Never make a joke about his grandmother, she is his biggest role model.

+43 699 124 66 828

Alina-Theresa Vetter

social impact

Alina is a natural born challenger. Her principle-driven and activist personality make life on her side a steady journey to global awareness. She is always taking care about humans and shares her energy with those who need it. Many refugees will confirm that. In the course of her double master’s degree, she was exploring the world to bundle her ambition and deep commitment to this planet. When Alina jumps on a project, you can be sure that impact will follow. And don't worry, even if something politically problematic slips out of you - Alina will let you know… and then forgive you (hopefully).

‭+43 699 110 85 943‬‬‬‬


Wolfgang Wainig

economy | financial industries

Wolfgang is a smart thinker and a warm person who likes to laugh. When he stares holes in the air, you can be sure that in the next moment he will deliver a speech about how to save the world – or at least a specific part of it. Due to his strong strategic thinking he loves to bring clarity into processes that seem to lose track. Besides his passion for the best grapes of the world, and how to consume their spirit in the community of great persons, he dedicates his life to finances, and how to revive encrusted structures for the sake of the human beings. He inspires planetYES with his forward thinking about how to bring the financial market together with the real needs of mankind.

+43 664 422 81 60


The power lies in diversity of expertise.

Science | Research

Dipl.-Ing. Ian Banerjee
Vienna University of Technology | Spatial Planning

Dr. Renate Christ
Former Secretary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change | Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Gerzabek
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Soil Research

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ralph Grossmann
Estonian Business School | Organizational Development

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Alexander Hamedinger
Vienna University of Technology | Spatial Planning

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Thomas Heistracher
Salzburg University of Applied Sciences | Informatics and Software Engineering

Dr. Friedrich Hinterberger
Sustainable Europe Research Institute | Sustainability

Dr. Dennis Jancsary
Vienna University of Economics and Business | Organization Studies

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helga Kromp-Kolb
Research in Metrology and Climatology

Dr. Iris Kunze
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Global Ecovillage Network

Dr. Stephan Leixnering
Vienna University of Economics and Business | Urban Management and Governance

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Renate E. Meyer
Vienna University of Economics and Business | Urban Management and Governance

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Novy
Vienna University of Economics and Business | Multilevel Governance and Development

M.Sc. Christelle Rocoffort de Vinnière
Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rößl
Vienna University of Economics and Business | Small Business Management Entrepreneurship

PD Dr. Gerhard Soja
Austrian Institute of Technology | Senior Scientist

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sigrid Stagl
Vienna University of Economics and Business | Ecological Economics

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Willibald Stronegger
Medical University of Graz | Social Medicine and Epidemiology

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner Zollitsch
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna | Global Change and Sustainability

Entrepreneurship | Economy

Günter Bergauer
Schellhammer & Schattera | Banking

Toni Chung
Innovation Facilitation

Alexander Ertler
Changemaker & Social Investor

Jürgen Furian
FACTOR 10 | Corporate Venture Building

Andreas Gnesda
Teamgnesda | Office Strategies

Stefan Kanalga
yeswetrust | Community Platform based on Blockchain Technology

Alexander Niederhofer
Helferline | Tech Service Platform

Heinz Nusser
Nusser & Partner | Sustainability Management

Justus Reichl
Austrian Raiffeisen Association | Competence Center Cooperations

Joachim Schwendenwein
Sustainable Futures

Josef Sommeregger
Advanced Information Management | Financial Data Management

Gabriele Stowasser
Senate of the Economy | International Relations

The GROVE Consultants International
Pioneering Visual Practice to Facilitate Collaboration

Infrastructure | Technology

Ramesh Biswas
Ramesh Kumar Biswas Architects | Architecture, Urban Design and Research

Roman Delugan

Herbert Dreiseitl
Dreiseitlconsulting | Interdisciplinary Planning

Marie Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs
the next ENTERprise Architects ZT | Urban Design

Anna Heringer
Architecture | Earth Building

Anne Mautner Markhof
Architecture Mauter Markhof

Daniel Podmirseg
Cropify | Platform for Vertical Farming

Education | (Regional) Development

Wolfgang Berger
Local Action Group Oststeirisches Kernland | LEADER Manager

Club of Rome Austria

Bernhard Ferner
Umweltbundesamt - Environment Agency Austria | Project Development

Petra Herout
Horizont 3000 | Rural Development and Management of Natural Resources

Johannes Lindner
Ashoka Fellow | Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Jakob Meierhofer-Wieser
Carol Singers Campaign

Nora Musil
Consulting of Non-Profit Organizations

Franz Nahrada
GIVE - Globally Integrated Village Environment | Founder

Martin Schamann
Umweltbundesamt - Environment Agency Austria | Operations

Verein Lebenswerte Gemeinden

regioHELP eGmBH

National Director Univ.-Prof. Dr. Pater Karl Wallner OCist.

Constance Weiser

Health | Food

Cleo Barrable
Mindful ACTion Therapist

Andreas Gugumuck
Urban Farming | Future Food

Angelika Jaksch
Bio- and Neurofeedback

Christl Lieben
Psychotherapy, Supervision and Coaching

Justine Siegler
Sustainable Blogger

Christoph Thomann
ZIRP Insects | Future Food

Politics | Governance

Martina Darnell
United Nations | Coaching

Maria Doralt
DLA Piper Global Law Firm | Partner and Lawyer

Business Agency of Lower Austria

Andreas Tschas
Austrian Research Promotion Agency | Digitalization Agency

Media | Communication

Christian Bauer
Bauer & Associates | Creativity and Technology Consulting

Herbert Ellinger
Floorfour | Communication Agency

Daniela Philipp
Coaching Consulting | Communication on Point

Seppi Scholler
Love Distribution | Visual Content Factory

Alexander Stock
Stock Design | Graphic Design and Conception

Stefan Stockinger
Pirado Verde | Storytelling and Content Production

Styria Publishing House
Print Media

Gerlinde Tiefenbrunner
Red Bull Mediahouse | Communication and PR

Corporates | Industry

Klaus Fronius
Fronius | Sustainable and Decentralized Energy

Hubert Rhomberg
Rhomberg Bau | Sustainable Buildings

Arts | Sports

Alexandra Siegler
Health and Arts