planetYES stands for the sustainable and positive development of regions and cities: socially, ecologically, and economically. planetYES researches and explores ways of healthy urban and regional development at the national and international levels. It is based on a model for regions and cities that combines the principles of circular economy with systematic regional innovation and cooperation. According to the experts involved, it is suitable for achieving a significant impact on the ecological, social, and economic development of regions and cities.

The central elements of planetYES are:

  • cooperative models of living, working, and doing business together
  • both urban and rural sustainability and regenerativity
  • systemic regional circular economy
  • systematic regional innovation
  • establishment of global innovation management among the participating regions


Universities, leading enterprises, and the media are working together with future-oriented regions and cities to implement concrete, innovative development. By networking the participating regions with each other, and using models of sustainable regional development, planetYES is generating innovation-based knowledge for rapid and lasting change.

By 2030, we will have reached one billion people with planetYES. This will create the framework for the realistic utopia of a Worldwide Innovative Sustainable Environment (WISE cities and regions).

The planetYES “Big Five”:

  1. revealing the visions and requirements of cities and regions
  2. carrying a holistic vision from the very start – in the genome of the transformation process
  3. developing a circular economy and collaborative socio-economy in entire cities and regions
  4. implementing systematic innovation, making cities and regions green innovation generators
  5. connecting them to a Worldwide Innovative Sustainable Environment – WISE


And thus giving people a place to live with an inner YES, within a framework that they can say YES to.