Our Action Principles

Wherever we look, we are surrounded by Potentials.

planetYES explores the planet in a new way.

Creating synergistic, cooperative and innovative ecosystems it builds the bridge towards a planet with unlimited resources.

This is realized by connecting scientific research, corporates, media and people to a Collaborative Transformational Network.

planetYES identifies potentials and synergies and creates productive, regenerative and innovative cities and regions – Decentralized Green Innovation Generators – connected to a Worldwide Innovative Sustainable Environment – WISE.

Most of the Potentials lie in the processes between the areas.


Creation of a framework where systematic innovation is implemented, and solutions are spread globally. This means scientific research in cooperation with universities. But also, to support and systematically document and manage individual curiosity and in-life solutions as a source of practical innovation.

Everyone can be an INNOVATOR!


Using infrastructure and technology that contribute to our planet with regenerative solutions. This includes sustainable building (e.g. with wooden technology, building with clay and other natural materials), decentralized renewable energy production (e.g. coupling of photovoltaic with hydrogen technology). And above all building of infrastructure in a resource conserving way and with the focus of human needs and the support of community.

Everyone can be an ARCHITECT or ENGINEER!


Development of food cycles that are partially self-contained, value adding and enable short distribution routes. Primary production using organic, diverse forms of agriculture (e.g. permaculture), which are much more resource-efficient and resilient than industrialized forms of agriculture. At the same time improvement of climate neutral forms of primary production and developing circular, knowledge-based bio-economy, agriculture and forestry. Direct contact to food production and food producers for all inhabitants of
planetYES Cities and Regions gives them a personal relation to what they eat and supports cooperative ways of living and production.

Everyone can be a FOOD PRODUCER!


Enabling of individual and collaborative potentials through a curiosity driven society. Creation of a framework for your YES. The increase of regional added value allows new definitions of work-life-participation. This is how education can become a community-based task. Everyone can contribute to the education of others - especially children and young people. This makes education from a system of schooling to a system of applied learning of healthy living, curiosity and competencies. Networking with other communities in the big panetYES Network allows for educational exchange programs and opening up to other cultures and places.

Everyone can be a TEACHER!


Consideration of individual needs and desires and thus a redefinition of health. It starts with your YES and leads to a community-based health system. Regional communities can set common health goals - e.g. promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing health risk factors. Together with a community-led and managed health care system (there are state-of-the-art examples), this will enable the best possible health in rural and urban environments and for people of all social layers.

Everyone can be a HEALTH EXPERT!


Building capacity while respecting existing structures and ways of working for jointly developing the cooperative framework for planetYES. Such cooperative systems can be modern forms of cross-sectoral cooperative models - so everyone benefits from collective success and their own contribution to it. This can be complemented by professional models for collaborative decision-making of self-organized systems - efficient, protecting minorities and the weaker/socially inclusive, yet at the same time oriented towards the common well-being, stability and economic success of the community.

Everyone can be a DECISION-MAKER!


Development of value-generating systems in which (economic) growth is possible as well as the establishment of local material and global immaterial (knowledge and innovation) cycles. The main effect is the increase of regional added value thereby allowing regional to build up regional economic “humus”. Thus, the individual contribution to regional added value becomes much more efficient. This allows a new definition of work-life-societal activities with new forms of education, health care and other important societal activities (e.g. care for the old or for the youngest). Deep circular socio-economy which does not only re-use resources but mainly aims to conserve and regenerate resources under consideration of ecological and societal effects. Modern forms of regional monetary systems can help not only to yield economic benefits for regional communities but, together with the other areas, promote social and cultural change in favor of a collaborative community-oriented attitude.

Everyone can be an ENTREPRENEUR!


The main effects do not only arise within each of these modules. Much more importantly the mutual permeation of these modules, their interaction and mutual effects on each other will yield the most important quantitative and qualitative profits. Compare it with different organs and their synergy to a whole organism with totally new qualities and possibilities. The module INNOVATION acts like a nervous system, making this system a thinking system and making the planetYES Network a Worldwide Innovative Sustainable Environment – WISE!

Everyone can be WISE!

We know the solution for future life lies in diversity - the greatest potential arises through interdisciplinary connection.


We work on each discipline taking into account all areas and including the
planetYES Network.