planetYES generates significant GLOBAL IMPACT.

planetYES is working on the generation of ecosystems with synergy and network effects that support each other to create significant Global Impact.

MODULE development

Through our Transdisciplinary Network we transform potentials into solutions in the form of profound modules. Each module stands for itself and can be implemented independently of each other. The main effect, however, is realized through synergistic interaction between several modules.


Mostly self-contained ecosystems that are less dependent of remote environments are created by implementing the planetYES modules.

Each module implementation increases the probability of exponential impact generation, resilience and regional self-healing effects.

NETWORK construction

The essential added value occurs within the conjunction of the ecosystems. Only by putting these systems into relation of one another, a new organism with a frame- and game-changing character emerges.

Every single module is being developed to meet the global challenges of our planet.

The role of planetYES.

planetYES is a long-term partner on the way to a Worldwide Innovative Sustainable Environment and beyond. planetYES acts in the following processes.


planetYES supports WISE regions and cities to build ecosystems by implementing various solutions. The newly created ecosystems contain partially closed material value chains (deep circular economy) together with an innovation module which is embedded in the large planetYES Network.

In this Network, the newly created ecosystem acts as INNOVATORS.
Innovations and insights are shared in a value-creating way.


planetYES manages the distribution of regionally created solutions to planetYES Regions and Cities all over the world where they are needed. Since every ecosystem acts as Innovator, this results in a constantly growing portfolio of innovations and solutions which are coordinated in a global value-creating way.

The connection of all ecosystems and the sharing of solutions, knowledge and innovation creates a constantly pulsating organism that never sleeps due to its worldwide distribution.


planetYES is not limited to regions. Also, individuals, organizations and companies can share their immaterial values with the Network, if you act within the planetYES Principles. planetYES certified actors contribute to the Network as Innovators and profit themselves from the Network with all its solutions. To be planetYES certified means to be part of a great movement that commits to the planetary boundaries and creates innovative ecosystems that make these resources unlimited. planetYES ensures from year to year that the planetYES Principles are adhered to.